Micgeek Q11 Mircophone

Product Infomation:

Pick-up:Electrical Condenser
Output Power:5W*2+0.5W*2(Speaker output
Frequency Response Range:30Hz~20KHz
Maximum SPL:>115dB 1Khz THD<1%
Reverb Mode:Echo Sound Reverberation
Connection:Wireless Bluetooth
Battery Type:4.2V/ 18650 Battery
Battery Capacity:2200mah
Battery Working Time:6-8H
Charging Power:1-2H
Usage:KTV Mobile karaoke; Family KTV; Speaker
Color:Rose gold/Black
Net weight:403g

Packing Contents:

1*Packing bag
1*Certificate Card
1*Audio Cable
Charging Cable

How to Use:

1.Turn on :Press the power button for 3 seconds(to avoid misoperation) to turn on.The blue light will show up when turning on.
2.Turn off :Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off when the microphone works.he blue light will extinguish when turning off.
3.Charge:Connect the charging line with your microphone.The red light will light up when charging,it will extinguish after completed.
4.Bluetooth Connection:
Open the bluetooth on your phone and scan the bluetooth devices,select “Micgeek Q11″to connect;
There will be a boot tone after their successful connection;
Adjust the settings on their operating platform to fit most for your singing demand.
Start singing.During you singing,all the operations like Play/pause,Last song/Next song can be done on your mobile phone(These functions can also be operated on the product)
5.The instruction of “One key to accompaniment”:
When the microphone turns on,one click to the power button enter into accompaniment mode.
6.The instruction of “Voice change”:
When the microphone turns on,two clicks to the power button achieve the function.And one click again,the voice will return to the original track.
7.The instruction of “Call”:When there is a call,press “Play /Pause”button to switch.

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